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Experimental Digital Studio Portraits

I've had more studio work this year that any other before it. It came right when I needed it. As Covid began to spread and we all began to quarantine I found myself without work. Until then I made most of my money drawing cartoon portraits at weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. The truth is that many years of event sketching had worn me out and I needed a break from loud DJs and drawing 30 faces per hour. I wanted to be able to take my time and really tune up some of my other work. Well...the opportunity came.

Stuck at home I began to take time to wrap up a couple projects that I had already been laboring on when suddenly it began. Calls, and emails and texts, some from people that I had already worked for, others that I had never met. It has been one wild ride.

In between client work I take time to practice, or warm up, or to try a new technique or style. It's never clear what a new client will want me to draw, but often they need it pretty fast, even in a few days or a week. Taking the time to try out new things helps me to be ready for new challenges as they are presented by new jobs.

Suffice to say these are a few of my experimental sketches. Take a look. If you see anything that you like and would like to order one, or a few, please let me know. The holidays are upon us and there's no gift quite like a Studio Cartoon Portrait from Listoonz.

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