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What are Digital Caricatures ?

In college I started drawing on digital

interfaces.  That means I can skip

scanning and draw everything right in the

computer.  This helps speed up my

creative process and allows me to more

easily make tweaks and adjustments.

Caricatures for Special Events

At special events I draw on the very light,

super portable Surface Pro tablets.  Live color sketches are faster than ever.

Your guest can watch as their sketch

comes to life.  All guests get a print copy

and a digital copy that they can use for

their email header or social media.

I have drawn at Weddings, Conventions,

and Office Events.

Besides drawing people I have also drawn

pets at many events.


Twenty Years of Experience

I've been drawing caricatures since 1997.  I began drawing them for the school Newspaper at my High School, and then for my college paper.

While studying Animation I began drawing at Theme Parks.  I have drawn at Knotts Berry Farm, Sea World in San Diego, and finally at Six Flags Over Texas where I was Caricature Supervisor.


Currently I draw at Special Events and Conventions in Texas, and am working to make myself available nation wide for event sketches as well as custom orders.  From Listoonz Caricatures you can expect a quality product and professional service. 

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